Eastern Ocean Tankers  

Eastern Ocean Tankers began as a shipping line to link the PG with the Bay of Bengal. Today the company has evolved to a tanker company that exists to provide shipping and logistics services that allow energy companies and trading houses to ship their cargo as safely a possible within the parameters set out by the shipping industry.

The company is there to support the smaller oil and energy companies, independent traders and niche market suppliers of oil, gas, bitumen (asphalt), molasses, palm oil and petrochemical.Eastern Ocean Tankers often books in own cargoes and COAs (contracts of affreightment) for the company's own account.

Eastern Ocean Tankers is committed to providing reliable transport of liquid cargoes by sea.To go the extra mile in order to meet our clients requirements and to conduct its operations in a manner which protects human health, safety, environment and property.

Safe seaborne trade supports a unique form of trade and communication between nations and assists the development of countries.Our mission is to provide reliable shipping services for our clients without compromising on safety. Our vision is to continue to evolve and remain profitable for the foreseeable future.